Welcome to Funky Fingers Creations. This site is a showcase of the odd & random things that my husband, Steve, and I create.

Steve is from Northern Minnesota. His father owned a cabinet shop where Steve worked until he joined the Navy in 1980. After serving his country for 12 years, Steve left the military in order to spend more time with his children. He returned to cabinetry work and spent over 20 years managing a cabinet shop in Southern NM where we met in 2001. I stand in awe of his skills and knowledge. The man can make nearly anything that can be dreamed up…Believe me, I’ve come up with some off-the-wall requests for him and he’s always come through with turning my ideas into reality.

As for me? I was born and raised in Southern NM. I’ve worked in and around the construction industry for most of my life. I was out of the workforce for a few years while I raised my kids and when I divorced and returned to work, I was fortunate enough to land a job at the cabinet shop Steve managed – we’ve been married almost 15 years now and spent most of those years working side by side and loving it. I had to retire from woodworking early due to an old injury to my hand that no longer allows me to handle all of the necessary tools for long periods of time.  Now I work designing the swings we make and when I can, I help Steve in the shop. In my *spare* time I work on different artistic projects from original paintings on plywood to painting ceramic skulls into Day Of The Dead sugar skulls.

If you have an idea or project you’d like us to build for you, drop us a line via the contact page here and if we can do it, we’ll be happy to.

Thanks for browsing our cyber-showcase!
Rebecca & Steve McFarland


2 Responses to About

  1. tubularsock says:

    Hey MisBehaved Woman (and man) great to hear from you again. What wonderful art you guys are producing.


    • Heya Tubular – Thank you. It’s very good to be back here again. I’m still trying to get caught back up with everyone and all that I’ve missed this past couple of years. I’ve really missed your posts and am looking forward to reading and chatting regularly again!


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